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Member Benefits

Our Mission:
Our mission is to provide farmers with reliable access to USDA processing services; ensure availability of timely processing year round;  provide verifiable accountability of the animals processed; maintain fair pricing for the farmers with superior quality control; and ultimately, to increase local farming to a level that meets local demand for healthy, pasture-raised meat.


The benefits of membership in the North Cascade Meat Producers Cooperative a local, farmer-owned USDA mobile slaughter unit, and a local USDA meat processing facility, through Del Fox Meats, include:


  •  USDA slaughter as well as cut and wrap, which means farmers can market their own meat, by the cut, to local retail accounts and/or allow on-farm sales.
  • Branded marketing programs will produce enhanced prices while saving time previously spent on sales.
  • Priority scheduling over non-members.
  • Building equity accounts and receiving patronage rebates.
  • Verifiable accountability that the meat you receive back is complete and from your animals.
  • Superior quality control to obtain the best cut of your meat possible through the experienced Del Fox staff.
  • Control of policies, costs and prices through your voice and vote in the cooperative.
  • On-farm slaughter with new USDA mobile slaughter unit allows for less stress on the animals, as well as more humane treatment.


If you have questions about our cooperative, membership opportunities and future services please feel free to contact us.