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May 14, 2013

March 24, 2013 Update from the President


North Cascade Meat Producers Cooperative (NCMPC) is pleased to support significant progress toward the membership, financial, and legal goals necessary to become an operating cooperative. NCMPC is designed to provide both the facilities needed to process locally produced meat and provide, when desired, marketing and distribution to supermarkets, restaurants, and institutions for our producer members. READ MORE

January 4, 2013

Happy New Year from NCMPC!

December was a busy month for NCMPC. With a number of new cooperative members on board, our Annual General Meeting, and our December Board Meeting, a lot of ground work was made. READ MORE

November 26, 2012

Credit Card Service Fee Goes into Effect in less than 5 Days

Until November 30, 2012, North Cascades Meat Producers Cooperative will pay the 3% credit card service fee for your membership. But as of December 1, 2012, the fee will be automatically added to your one-time membership cost should you choose to pay by credit card. No fees will be added if you choose to pay by check.

So collect those Air Miles and Points and pay by credit card today to save the 3% service feeClick here to pay online. READ MORE

November 6, 2012

Latest News: Nov. 1 Update

Our cooperative effort is moving ahead on a number of fronts. Here are the latest activities and progress that have taken place since we began accepting memberships in September. READ MORE

October 30, 2012

Priority Scheduling for Early Members

With 10 members on board and 15% of our Meat Producer capital raised thus far, we felt it was the right time to sweeten the deal for those who jump on board first.

So at yesterday’s board meeting the members agreed that your Member Number will determine your scheduling priority. This means the sooner you become a member, the higher priority you’ll have when it comes to scheduling your animals for processing.

This becomes especially beneficial during peak processing periods, like right now, where Meat Producers are being given processing dates in December and beyond.

Ensure you’re given priority scheduling, apply for your North Cascades Meat Producers Cooperative membership today.