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July 2, 2012

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Latest Update – July 2, 2012

Our cooperative effort is moving ahead on a number of fronts. Here are the latest activities and progress that have taken place since our June 7th meeting and presentation.

  • We received nice coverage in an article written by Mark Stayton for the Skagit Valley Herald. Click to read.
  • I chatted about our cooperative with Ann Bodle-Nash on Skagit Talks, a community radio program broadcast from Skagit Valley Community College on KSVR (97.1 FM) and KSVU (90.1FM). If you missed it, click here and look for Skagit Talks, Tuesday June 19th.
  • We’ve launched our new web site You can access all information about the co-op including our presentation materials from June 7th, our bylaws, draft copies of our member application-agreement, uniform marketing agreement (to join our North Cascades Meats marketing and distribution program), and an annual purchase contract for that marketing program.
  • I met with an intern from the University of Idaho’s College of Business and Economics who’s working with Tracie Lee, Operations Management Instructor, to share information about our program and to help them with their research for creating opportunities for local livestock production in Idaho.
  • We presented information about our cooperative to a group of private investors.
  • Jeff Voltz, our technical advisor from Northwest Agriculture Business Center continues to work on finalizing securities and regulatory requirements so that the cooperative can start taking membership applications and receiving membership equity investments.

The most critical task facing our effort right now is to select the appropriate State and Federal securities exemptions in order to sell membership equity shares and receive investments/loans from third parties. Jeff Voltz is working with Joel Merkel, attorney and principle of Merkel Law Office (Seattle, WA.) He is also working with the Washington Department of Financial Institutions on its Small Companies Offering Registration process.

The regulatory process, regardless of whether we’re a $400,000 business start-up or $4 million start-up, is the same. The Board of Directors of the North Cascades Meat Producers Cooperative is committed to complete transparency and full disclosure to all involved. Therefore from food quality and safety to financials and securities, we’ll be continually working to meet all regulatory and other compliance requirements.

We are hard at work moving through our due dilligence so that we can begin to accept and and approve membership applications by the end of this month. We’ll keep you informed as we progress. Until then, thank you for your continued interest in North Cascade Meat Producers Cooperative and increasing opportunities for local meat production.

Pat Grover, President