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November 6, 2012

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Latest News: Nov. 1 Update

Our cooperative effort is moving ahead on a number of fronts. Here are the latest activities and progress that have taken place since we began accepting memberships in September.

  • 10 members are now on board. 7 have purchased $2500 memberships providing them with full access to all NCMPC services as well as the wholesale marketing option with the North Cascade Meats brand. 3 have purchased $500 General Memberships providing Custom Cut services. Visit our website often for the latest update for Members On Board.
  • 15% of capital from local Meat Producers has been raised. ($130,000 in member equity is needed in order to move forward as a solely, farmer-owned cooperative.)
  • Priority scheduling has been determined and will provide early members with precendence in processing dates based on the order of joining the cooperative. Read more here.
  • FAQ: Does the Membership Fee have to be paid annually? No. This is a one-time purchase. It can be sold back to the cooperative or sold/transferred with your farm. And, if for any reason the cooperative does not proceed as a farmer-owned operation, your membership will be refunded in full. All funds are being held in escrow (we won’t spend a dime) until we raise the entire capitalization amount.
  • Who is an NCMPC – North Cascade Meats™ Membership ($2500) ideal for? As one of the only USDA meat processing cooperatives in the country with a marketing program (North Cascade Meats), we are ideal for local Meat Producers who are (1) passionate about farming, (2) wanting to grow their herd, and are (3) interested in a farmer-owned cooperative that will purchase, process and market part or all of their livestock with a professionally developed brand (North Cascade Meats).
  • Who is an NCMPC Custom ($500) or USDA ($2000) Membership ideal for? These membership levels in our cooperative are ideal for farmers who (1) would like a vote and say in how their farmer-owned processing facility operates, (2) are looking for an alternative source for consistent, high-quality custom exempt and USDA inspected processing, and (3) want priority scheduling over non-members. More on priority scheduling here.
  • Can I join once you’re up and running? Simply put, we can’t build a facility until there is a sufficient level of farmer interest and investment. In order to ensure this cooperative proceeds as a farmer-owned operation, a minimal investment of $130,000 is needed from local meat producers. Once this capital is in place we are confident we wil be able to secure the remaining 2/3 of the capital needed for business start-up from our private funding and traditional financing sources. Joining now also provides you with the added benefit of priority scheduling over members that sign up later.

Are you wondering how you can help? Our board members, including myself, spend the majority of our time on the farm. This means we have limited time and resources and could definitely use your help. If you are interested in a membership, but have questions, please contact us. If you need an Application Packet,please request one here. If you are aware of opportunities for us to present information about our cooperative to other farmers, please send us an email. If you know of a local Meat Producer who may be interested, please forward this email to them (link below). If you’re on Facebook, please like our page.

Thank you for your continued interest in North Cascade Meat Producers Cooperative and increasing opportunities for local meat production

Pat Grover, President