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January 4, 2013


Happy New Year from NCMPC!

December was a busy month for NCMPC. With a number of new cooperative members on board, our Annual General Meeting, and our December Board Meeting, a lot of ground work was made.

During our Annual General Meeting and Board Meeting, a new slate of Directors was adopted:

  • Pat Grover (President)
  • Phil Tucker
  • Sandy Matheson (Vice President)
  • Terry Sapp (Treasurer)
  • Nancy Hibbing
  • Myrle Foster (Secretary)
  • Tarie Benson

Our Articles were revised to meet government requirements and our bylaws were also revised. Click here to read.

The co-op members are working hard to bring in new members by January 15, 2013 so that we can apply for a Rural Business Enterprise Grant with the help of Northwest Agriculture Business Center (NABC). If you have questions about membership or are planning to apply, and haven’t done so yet, please click here to find out more about joining today.