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September 12, 2012

Beef Growing Standards for North Cascade Meats Brand

Growing Standards for Beef Sold Under North Cascade Meats™ Brand

The founding members of the cooperative have developed common production standards for beef sold to the co-op that goes into the North Cascade Meats™ wholesale program. The standards for beef include:

  1. Market animals to be sold under the grass-fed standards shall be 100% grass fed for and under NCM member ownership for at least 6 months prior to slaughter (no feed lots).
  2. No hormones shall be used in production.
  3. The routine use of antibiotics is prohibited. (Sub-clinical)
  4. Vaccinations and worming medications are allowed.
  5. The pasture standard requires no application of petroleum based fertilizers and no pesticides.
  6. Grazing animals cannot have a detrimental impact on riparian areas.

Farm Members selling their animals to North Cascades Meat Producers Cooperative for the North Cascade Meats™ branded program will be required to meet all of the standards above. The community will have access to this beef through local grocers, restaurants and institutions that support the program.

Although the one-time Member Share investment to farmers is slightly higher at this level (by $500), these farm members will always be fairly compensated for their animals and will never need to spend time or money marketing their meat directly.