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Grassfed, pasture raised beef in Whatcom, Skagit and Island County.

North Cascade Meat Producers Cooperative is a farmers’ co-op that has proposed and is working to establish a new USDA processing capacity for Whatcom, Skagit, Island, and Snohomish County and a new WSDA Custom Exempt service in Whatcom and Skagit County. The Cooperative is also establishing the North Cascades Meat grass fed brand in the region to provide members with marketing program offering an above average return on their livestock.

Our mission is to provide farmers with reliable access to USDA processing services. To ensure availability of timely processing year round. To provide verifiable accountability of the animals processed. To maintain fair pricing for the farmers and superior quality control. And ultimately, to increase local farming to a level that meets local demand for healthy, pasture-raised meat.

With initial service to Whatcom, Skagit, Island and Snohomish Counties, North Cascade Meat Producers Cooperative, will provide access to USDA slaughter and processing services to farm members and non-members for beef, pork, lamb and goat for private sale. Customers in Whatcom and Skagit County will have access to WSDA Custom Exempt (private sale) processing.